Rosehip Plus

We are pretty chuffed to have third party approval from some the best Australian beauty bloggers in the industry! In celebration of our 5th Birthday, below we share some RosehipPLUS blogger lovin' and why our Hipsters love our RosehipPLUS range!

Crystal Conte

Beauty Influencer

The part of my skincare routine that I cannot live without – my RosehipPLUS Rosehip oil, it is my skin saviour! I’ve been using it for over 2.5 years and my skin has become less oily, more clear, and improved my redness and scarring while leaving my skin with an actual glow. So happy I found this product and brand and I know so many of you now love it too! This is also such a saviour in the harsh winter weather! I’ve been using it overnight (as per usual) and also as a treatment on my cuticles!

Michelle Crossan

Beauty Influencer

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin since introducing the RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil into my skincare routine! This cold pressed, organic Rosehip Oil helps with skin hydration, dry patches, skin pigmentation, oily skin and scarring, and it’s super affordable! This RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil is one of my best ever affordable skincare finds! My skin LOVES this stuff.

Ash M

Editor and Writer @ The Beauty Collection

Everyone knows that rosehip oil is my number one skincare must-have so it’s no surprise that the brand that’s dedicated to it has a special place in my collection. I’ve gone through countless cleansers, oils and moisturisers from the brand because my skin just loves it all!

Lilian Tahmasian

Beauty Influencer

RosehipPLUS has been a brand I have been using on a daily basis over the last few years! If you know me, you’d know I LOVE my oils and I am in LOVE with their organic cold pressed Rosehip oil! I use it every single day right before bed and bright and early in the morning! It leaves my skin feeling so soft, smooth and full of moisture! The oil alongside my Nourishing night cream is why people ask me everyday why my skin looks so refreshed.. So thank you RosehipPLUS! ; )

Jacqueline Smyth

Blogger @ Coco and Chino's

The very first time I tried the RosehipPLUS skincare range I remember instantly falling in love with the mild scent of the daily cleanser, night and day cream’s. My favourite product from the range would have to be the Nourishing Night Cream, not only is it fast-absorbing into my skin, but it also keeps my face hydrated all night during the Winter air & left it SO smooth well into the new day. I would easily recommend the RosehipPLUS range to anybody that wants to maintain hydrated, healthy skin!

Laura Tough

Blogger @ The Life of Laura

Rosehip Oil is my absolute holy grail face oil and my favourite Rosehip Oil is currently celebrating its 5th birthday!! RosehipPLUS is 100% pure and natural, and is the only Australian beauty brand whose products all contain their organic cold-pressed Rosehip Oil. I use rosehip oil to help hydrate my dry skin, to help with my acne and even to help my eczema. It’s honestly a wonder oil! Happy birthday RosehipPLUS! Thank you for saving my skin again and again!

Sarah Clark

Blogger @ Bows and Pleats

I love RosehipPLUS because the products are so natural and non-irritating to the skin. All products are certified organic and cruelty free so I can rest assured that this brand is supporting my skin to look it’s best while still upholding excellent values and ethics for the environment. My favourite product by far is the Daily Cream Cleanser which is moisturising, nourishing and an excellent cleanser for removing heavy makeup! I am never without this cleanser in my bathroom! It works well on my skin every time and leave my skin feeling fresh, clean and glowing. Happy 5th Birthday!!!

Kelsie Reid

Blogger @ Wellness By Kels

Happy 5th Birthday to RosehipPLUS! I adore all of the RosehipPLUS range but I wanted to give a special mention to two of my absolute favourite products; the Daily Cream Cleanser and Nourishing Night Cream. Both are super nourishing, hydrating, and packed with organic and natural ingredients. I use the cleanser each morning as a gentle way of washing my face without stripping excess oils, and the night cream is a great night AND day cream for my super dry skin! You definitely need to check out this brand if you are into nourishing, natural products.

Matt Huxley

Blogger @ In Firm of Purpose

I love RosehipPLUS because they create straight up good skincare. Harnessing the essence of the Rosehip, RosehipPLUS fills their products with goodies to ensure that your skin gets the hydration it needs, making it a regular in my daily routine for sure! Congratulations on your 5th birthday!

Imogen Micklewright-Hill

Content Creator @ Imogen Imogen

I’ve preached rosehip oil for yonks now. It saved my skin in my late teens and is my No.1 beauty necessity, no lie! RosehipPLUS celebrates its 5th birthday this month. And here is a 100% certified organic, cruelty free Rosehip Oil. Use morning and night, under makeup and as a cuticle oil too!

Phoebe Montague

Blogger @ Lady Melbourne

Happy fifth birthday RosehipPLUS! I discovered RosehipPLUS when I was pregnant and wanted to continue a robust skincare regime, but had to set aside certain products. Two years on it’s still part of my daily beauty routine.Why? Because within this 30ml bottle you’ll find 100% pure and natural Certified Organic rosehip oil packed with naturally occurring bioflavonoids and essential fatty acids. And what do they do I hear you ask?! Bioflavonoids act as potent antioxidants, helping to reduce free radical damage in the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The essential fatty acids (Omega 3,6 and 9) in the oil help to keep the skin hydrated, moisturised and younger looking.
It was just what I needed at the time, but the product is so good I used it throughout breastfeeding and beyond. So happy fifth birthday to you RosehipPLUS, here’s to many more (good looking!) anniversaries to come!

Jackie Mellor

Blogger @ Organised Mum Life

Everyone has their handbag essentials, and here is one of mine. The RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil Roll-On is always in my bag, and it’s come in handy so many times! Certified organic and natural Rosehip Oil, what’s not to love? Obviously many do, as they are celebrating their 5th birthday this year which is just incredible. There are so too uses for Rosehip Oil to list here so I’ll give you my top two for the rollerball. Travel friendly for easy facial application and a great size to apply to a healing injury to help prevent that itchy dry feeling. Big winner in a house with a clumsy boy!

Jacquelyn Shay

Blogger @ Hey There Jacquelyn

It is RosehipPLUS 5th birthday. I love their products – they are all certified organic and natural! Rosehip Oil is one of the best ingredients I’ve found that makes such a huge difference to the hydration of my skin as well as fading acne scars!

Maddie Miller

Blogger @ Maddie's Beauty Spot

I’ve been using RosehipPlus for several years now and I have noticed such a difference with the hydration levels in my skin. I used to have oily skin, and I wouldn’t have ever picked up an oil, that’s not the case with Rosehip Oil at all! It really balances my skin out.

Leah Puk

Blogger @ Temporary Princess

The RosehipPlus Rosehip Oil is amongst my absolute favourite facial oils – it moisturises beautifully without leaving a residue. All this and cruelty free too? What’s not to love?


Blogger @ The Adeline Social

After my recent operation I’ve been left with quite a large scar on my neck that I’m hoping will fade with time. Since it’s healed I’ve been liberally applying Organic Pressed Rosehip Oil (certified organic!) and can already see a significant reduction in redness. Rosehip oil is high in naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that is important for skin health and promotes skin elasticity and hydration, plus it’s RosehipPLUS’ 5th birthday so it’s double cause for celebration!


Blogger @ Lola's Beauty Room

As a beauty blogger I have tried my fair share of skincare brands. RosehipPLUS is a favourite of mine as it ticks all of the boxes. I love that their products are Certified Organic but still affordable. After falling in love with the night cream I just had to have the whole range!

Emmily Banks

Natural & Organic Make-Up Artist @ Depths of Beauty

I absolutely LOVE Rosehip Plus Rosehip oil. Not only is it incredibly nourishing for the skin, full of powerful antioxidants lycopene, improving skin texture and protecting against premature ageing, but it’s a natural source of Vitamins C and E – leaving skin bright, hydrated and toned. It’s a beauty-kit must-have!