Rosehip Plus
How is RosehipPLUS® Rosehip Oil made? Where does it come from?

RosehipPLUS® Rosehip Oil is made using only the highest quality Rosehip seeds available. 

Rosehip Oil is a fruit oil extracted from the seeds of the rosehip, an amber berry-like fruit that grows wild on rosehip bushes and is left behind after the rose has flowered and dropped its petals.

Our rosehips are sourced from the Andes Mountain Range in Southern Chile. Production of the oil takes place on the farm, and it is then bottled in Australia and used in the rest of our products that are made in Australia. 

Our oil is cold pressed which means that the Rosehip Oil is extracted from the seeds of the Rosehip berry using a chemical and heat free process with screw-driven machine or press. This process ensures that our Rosehip Oil retains the potent antioxidants and essential fatty acids that may otherwise be lost or reduced during a chemical extraction process – meaning that you get only the best Rosehip Oil with no added nasties.

This grinding process is responsible for the toasty aroma experienced when using RosehipPLUS® Rosehip Oil, which is caused by the natural friction of the seeds being grounded.

A superfine filtering process is applied which preserves the natural and effective qualities of this unique oil.

RosehipPLUS® Rosehip Oil is rich in colour with an orange-reddish hue largely due to the Beta-Carotene content. This natural hue is maintained due to the cold pressed manufacturing process. The colour of our Rosehip Oil will vary from harvest to harvest, but should never be darker than a warm brownish shade.

The natural and effective qualities of this unique oil which are preserved when cold pressed, means the oil is rich in skin-loving naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. These include Vitamin A (Retinol) and Vitamin C, essential fatty acids Omega-3, 6 and 9, as well as Lycopene and Beta-Carotene to help keep skin hydrated, moisturised and younger looking.