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15 Beauty Hacks with RosehipPLUS® Rosehip Oil featuring Crystal Conte
Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

Ever wondered what else you can use your RosehipPLUS® Rosehip Oil for other than on your face?

While Rosehip Oil has been used for centuries for its potent skin regeneration properties, nourishing the skin to achieve a radiant glow, naturally. It can also be be used in number of different ways in your beauty routine!

Australian Beauty Blogger, Crystal Conte shares with us her 15 Beauty Hacks for using our RosehipPLUS® Rosehip Oil in one of her latest videos.

Click below to watch the full video!

Have you tried any of these Rosehip Oil beauty Hacks? Have some of your own hacks that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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