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Kristy shares the benefits of natural organic beauty and delivers us a look into Good Green Box
Friday, April 28th, 2017
By Chantalle Duffin

Kristy is the creator of Good Green Box, the latest organic monthly subscription beauty box to burst onto the scene. Kristy is a firm believer in the benefits of living both a natural life and rewarding your skin with organic beauty products. She aims to inspire others do the same, helping them find the products that are best for them and the environment.

Good Green Box delivers unique natural and organic beauty goodies straight to your door – it can’t get much better than that! We sat down with Kristy to hear about what inspired her to start GGB and what beauty tips she swears by.

Share your journey with us. What was your inspiration to start Good Green Box? What makes you so passionate about green beauty?

I’m a little bit of a nature loving hippie at heart and absolutely love what being in nature does for the soul. This coupled with the huge trend of better for you across food, fashion and now beauty made me realise that there was a real need for something like GGB in the market. Often with beauty products what works for one person doesn’t work for the other and it is disappointing to have to buy a whole product to realise it isn’t for you. GGB lets you try plenty of products every month with the option to buy a full size product if you love it.

I also love the plethora of brands available in this space but realise they don’t get a huge amount of air time up with the bigger brands in the market. GGB is a great platform to discover brands people normally wouldn’t find out about.

When you are not curating monthly beauty boxes, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Being outdoors! I love hiking, swimming, walking, riding – basically anything outdoors. I’m a pretty big fan of cooking too and love doing a big Sunday cook.

What is your number 1 green beauty mantra?

Use coconut oil for make up remover. It’s so gentle and removes even the toughest waterproof mascara.

What are a few of the easiest changes people could make in their daily beauty regimes to make the switch to using green and natural beauty products?

Big one would be coconut oil as makeup remover, but really it’s about taking one step at a time. Experiment finding one product you can replace with a green beauty product, then one by one you can replace the rest.

What are some your Holy Grail, can’t live without beauty products?

Baimeni Eye and Face Serum is THE BEST! It hydrates the skin but with a slight amount of hyaluronic acid keeps pimples at bay. Also Esse have an incredible pre-biotic range which really unique in Australia. Plus I can’t go past Karen Murrell lipsticks – all natural, long lasting and soft.

What your top 3 ways of using Rosehip Oil in your beauty routine?

I’m a huge fan of Rosehip Oil and use it to hydrate my skin after a long day along with topical application on any cheeky stretch marks but my all time favourite use has been to hydrate and repair a burn scar on my ankle. I apply it almost everyday and I can see my scar beginning to look less painful and more hydrated each day.

What advice would you would you give to your younger self?

Simply to listen to your gut when making decisions and always back yourself.

What’s next in store for you on your life journey?

Who knows?! I have a rough plan… but also love when life surprises you along the way. Watch this space…

If you’re in love with Good Green Box just as much as we are, you can purchase a monthly subscription from Kristy’s website HERE

You can also follow GGB on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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