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The RosehipPLUS Story
Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

This month we are celebrating the launch of RosehipPLUS five years ago, when our first boxes of our pure Rosehip Oil hit shelves across Australia in September 2012.

Why do we believe in the benefits of Rosehip Oil and how did our journey into the natural skincare industry begin?  Read on to find out…

It was the instincts of a Sydney based husband and wife, Colin and Maureen Diamond and their decision to invest in a unique natural Rosehip health product in 2009 that led to them to be known as Australia’s leading Rosehip Specialists. After several successful years, it was a natural progression for the business to focus on more Rosehip based products, which eventually resulted in their sons Russell and Justin joining the business – and their leap into Rosehip based skincare.

The family could see the abundance of health benefits Rosehip offered, and customers were continuously inquiring if they sold a rosehip oil for the skin. “This was more than five years ago when there wasn’t an abundance of Rosehip Oils available” explains Russell, who is now the General Manager. “Noticing an opportunity in the market, we wanted to offer Australians a Rosehip oil that was available in a larger bottle, at a more affordable price point and of course, the best quality available” explains Russell.

Travelling across the world to source the best Rosehips that were on offer, Russell and Colin Diamond found themselves in Chile where they discovered rosehips being wild harvested across the Southern Andes Mountain Range. This is where they sourced their first batch of rosehip oil and where the oil still originates from today.

In September 2012, the Diamond family launched RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil in 50ml and 30ml bottles to pharmacies and health food stores across Australia. The bottle size was larger than what was already available on the market, at a considerably more affordable and of the highest possible quality. Russell explains, “We are proud to produce a cold-pressed Rosehip Oil that is 100% pure and natural in the true sense, as it is not altered in any shape or form. Nothing is added and nothing is removed, what comes from the Rosehip seed goes straight into the bottle.”

As the popularity of RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil increased, so did demand for the range to expand. Next a 15ml Skin-Boost Rosehip Oil Roll-On was launched – a first of its kind on the Australian beauty market. This was soon followed by the Hydrating Day Cream and Nourishing Night Cream, and the fan-favourite Organic Daily Cream Cleanser – offering Australian women a complete daily routine that is Australian Certified Organic and Cruelty-Free and Vegan approved by PETA.

“We wanted the RosehipPLUS range to remain focused on the multitude of benefits that Rosehip Oil can give to the skin. This is why we have consistently kept Rosehip Oil as the hero ingredient in all of our products, alongside an impressive list of other natural and organic skin loving ingredients such as coconut oil, sea buckthorn oil and chamomile,” says Russell.”Our brand promise today is still rooted in our original purpose, offering Australians affordable certified organic skincare without compromising on quality and results. Skincare that can be used by every body, every day.”

Today RosehipPLUS is continuing to expand its reach not only in Australia, but also across the globe. RosehipPLUS has been able to gain traction in the US, Asia, Europe and the UK, with no signs of slowing down. The Diamond family and their passionate team are excited to be part of the growing natural skincare industry in Australia.

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