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Friday, September 2nd, 2016

If you have arrived at this page then you must have been looking around our new website….welcome!

We have been working hard to bring you this updated website. It was time for a refresh so we could showcase our expanding RosehipPLUS range, share the love we are getting from customers, bloggers and media, and continue to share our passion for organic beauty – the natural ingredients in our products, the never ending benefits of Rosehip Oil and why rosehip oil is a beauty essential.

Coincidentally, this month is also Australian Certified Organic Awareness Month, the perfect time to re-launch our website as we are proud to be stamped with the familiar “green bud” logo, which is the only assurance for consumers in Australia that products have been thoroughly assessed to be compliant with stringent organic standards.

Why is this important to you as a consumer? Because personal care and beauty products offer a minefield of options, and unfortunately the cosmetics industry is self regulated when it comes to what ingredients can and can’t be used in products and how brands market their products to you. How do you know the quality of what you are buying?  As we become more aware of the effects of putting toxic ingredients on our skin, we need to understand what exactly is in the products we use. Buying products with the Australian Certified Organic “green bud” logo gives you that peace of mind.

We want to educate you as a consumer on the benefits of natural, organic ingredients for your skin and your health. 

We share on this website our story, where our rosehips comes from and how our Rosehip Oil is produced, as well as the benefits not just of rosehips but all the natural ingredients in our range.

We believe you as a consumer should be educated and aware of the products used on your skin. We are proud to be an Australian company that offers a Certified Organic beauty range that benefits your skin naturally and is available nationally at an affordable price.

We would love your feedback on the new website in the comments box below  – and tell us what would you like to learn more about when it comes to beauty the natural way? We look forward to sharing more with you regularly on this blog, and don’t forget to also subscribe to our newsletter for a monthly beauty essential update delivered straight to your inbox!

– The RosehipPLUS team

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